12 Days of Fraud

NICB's 12 Days of Fraud

 The 12 Days of Fraud are important you see, because fraud affects everyone including you and me.

Day 1

Lock your vehicle up tight and stow your vehicles out of sight!

The 1st Day of Fraud shines like a star, with thieves taking advantage and stealing a car. Lock it up tight and stow your stuff, one stolen vehicle is more than enough! 

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Day 2

If you didn't request it, reject it!

The 2nd Day of Fraud reminds us storms are a factor, especially when they feature a dishonest contractor. Beware of those offering unwanted help, padding rebuilding costs makes everyone yelp. Remember this rule when you’re on the go, if you didn’t ask for it, then you should say NO!

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Day 3 

If the facts are odd, it might be workers comp fraud!

The 3rd Day of Fraud we’re on the worksite. Your colleague is crying, it’s quite the sight. She thought it’d be  easy money, but her facts were quite odd, it turned out to be workers’ comp fraud!

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Day 4

Beware of scammers by phone, demanding quick payment or a loan.

The 4th Day of Fraud featured scammers by phone, who demand quick payment or a big loan. They call you pretending to be someone they’re not, hoping you pay quickly, so they don’t get caught!

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Day 5

Always protect your personal information, ID theft is a scary situation!

The 5th Day of Fraud reminds us to protect personal information, you know ID theft is a scary situation! This tip is especially vital to know, otherwise scammers can steal like a pro!

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Day 6

Cargo theft costs billions of dollars each year, and the impacts to businesses are quite severe!

The 6th Day of Fraud and stuff fell off a truck. Though it seems like good fortune, it’s really bad luck. Cargo theft costs billions of dollars each year, and the impacts to businesses are quite severe!

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Day 7

If your roof is just fine, an offer to repair you should decline.

The 7th Day of Fraud and a storm rumbles through. The roofer nearby says he knows what to do. You need a new roof, and he’ll do it for free. He’ll work it all out with your insurance company. The truth is your roof is actually just fine, so this offer to help you should simply decline!

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Day 8

Beware of scammers looking to sue by intentionally crashing into you!

The 8th Day of Fraud features a staged vehicle crash. This is known as “slamming,” and looks for fast cash. First these slammers, they crash into you, the reason they do this is so they can sue!

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Day 9

Unscrupulous doctors driven by greed, writing prescriptions that patients do not need.

The 9th Day of Fraud features a doc providing meds you don’t need, many families and loved ones are hurt by this greed. This is a fraud that needs to be undone, since it raises the prices for everyone!

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Day 10

If your car breaks down and you're stuck on the streets, beware of towing companies charging excessive fees.

The 10th Day of Fraud stars a towing company you see. They offer to help but then charge a huge fee. You can’t see their rates because they don’t want you to know, how much they charge when it comes to a tow!

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Day 11

Beware of offers to fix a windshield for free, asking you to reassign benefits from your insurance company.

The 11th Day of Fraud features auto glass that may not be broken, and features scammers with whom you may have spoken. They offer to fix your windshield for free, even though you don’t need it, anyone can see. Their clever scam doesn’t just hurt you, it raises insurance prices, affecting others, too!

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Day 12


The 12th Day of Fraud has the best tip of all, if you see something fraudulent, then you should call.  To report fraud of all types, even the kind we can’t see, just make the call to 800-TEL-NICB!

Report Fraud

Anyone with information concerning insurance fraud or vehicle theft can report it anonymously by calling toll-free 800.TEL.NICB (800.835.6422) or submitting a form on our website.

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