Privacy Policy

This privacy policy pertains to the NICB websites and apps. When you engage with NICB through its websites or apps, this policy is in effect. The policy is intended to inform you of the information that you provide to NICB and how it’s stored and used.    

Information Collected

NICB collects your information either through direct entry by you or through a third-party service.

The Information You Provide

Through various forms, product ordering and event registration, you provide:

Contact data such as name, title, business, mailing address, email, phone

Payment information; however, this is not stored with NICB or its credit card processor

How Your Information is Used

From time to time, we may promote to you for an event that you’ve registered for or product that you’ve ordered in the past from our website

If you attended an event and registered online, we may send you a survey requesting your feedback

Submissions to our webforms may require contact back to you

Third-party Service Data

Your activity on our website, such as page searching, IP address, cookies and time stamping, are sent to our outside analytics service so that we may assess overall usage of the site

Certain information may translate through a social media service when you click to access from our home page 

Use of Data

The NICB does not sell or give your information to anyone other than our outside analytic service.


You have the right to know what information we have on file and to request that your data no longer be stored through NICB. To make your request, go to the Contact Us page and select “Request Contact Information/Deletion”.

Minor’s Privacy

We do not knowingly collect information for children who are under the age of 13 nor do we promote our services to those under 13.  


The NICB reserves the right to amend this privacy policy without notice. Refer to this page and the revision date for the latest version.