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The Geospatial Insurance Consortium (GIC) is an at-cost, member-driven organization trusted by the NICB and dedicated to improving and accelerating decision-making, operational efficiency, risk mitigation and digital innovation solely for insurers. With access to the world’s largest aerial imagery and geospatial data library and a robust disaster collection program, members get a competitive edge to enhance their workflows across the policy life cycle, from beginning to end. From urban areas to rural locations, members can leverage detailed aerial imagery that is unmatched in accuracy and quality, leading to greater actionable insights and property analysis to help grow their book of business. The GIC’s comprehensive imagery library gives members access to multiple imagery and data products, such as oblique, ortho, multispectral (near-infrared, color-infrared), digital surface model (DSM), digital terrain model (DTM), and other key information. The GIC also offers Elements, automated property and building insights, delivering 40+ attributes on hundreds of millions of structures and properties, helping better inform insurers on the condition and features available when underwriting a policy and determining risk.

Collecting aerial data in 30+ countries around the globe, members can optimize this best-in-class imagery to identify and quantify risk and create better property models for claims automation. The GIC partners with trusted analytics companies to provide pre- and post-CAT high-resolution aerial imagery inside essential platforms, providing a digital solution to help insurers increase their visualization and see properties at scale for better claims management.

Imagery is collected by the Vexcel Data Program which serves as the operations partner for the GIC. Vexcel is the industry leader in photogrammetry and uses the award-winning UltraCam camera sensors to collect urban and rural imagery. With imagery collected by industry-leading camera sensors, insurers get the highest quality of location data, improving analytics for PIFs. With the GIC’s highly accurate and robust aerial data library, insurers and third-party administrators (TPAs) can settle claims and serve policyholders in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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