Learning & Development

Learning & Development: Expanding the Options

Training group

Our foundation is built upon a philosophy that consistent and continual education for NICB members and law enforcement agents is the best approach for learning how to identify potential crimes. To support this educational foundation, NICB develops and continually refines anti-fraud resources that can be accessed at times, locations and from devices most convenient for learners. Our learning and development methodologies are reshaping how NICB members and law enforcement agencies learn to fight insurance fraud and vehicle theft crimes.

NICB Member 

NICB provides numerous avenues for learning and development, including more than 40 online courses through the National Insurance Crime Training Academy (NICTA), classroom training delivered by our trainers at member-selected locations, NICB investigative and analytical academies, fraud indicators and other training job aids are accessible from the NICB Document Download Center.

Law Enforcement 

NICB offers special learning and development and other materials for members of law enforcement free-of-charge. Visit our Law Enforcement section to see NICB’s services in this area.


Email: Learning@nicb.org