Terms of Use for VINCheck®

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has access to a database of vehicles which were reported as stolen within the past five years and remain unrecovered or declared as salvage. This information is being made available, free of charge, as a public service to consumers. The information in VINCheck is concerning vehicles insured in the United States.

This database contains a "salvage" file and an "insurance theft" file which is the information VINCheck searches during queries. The terms "total loss" and "salvage" are not synonymous in the insurance industry and that is important to understand when using VINCheck. Not all vehicles identified as a total loss will become salvage. A salvage determination is made by individual insurance companies based on individual company policies and applicable state law.

  • The NICB has not independently verified the information in the database and cannot, therefore, vouch for the accuracy of this information.
  • There are many other vehicles that have been reported as stolen which are not included in this database.
  • There are also many other vehicles that are total losses or salvage which are not included in this database.
  • It is possible that a vehicle was incorrectly reported as having been stolen, or was stolen and recovered, but has not removed from this database.
  • It is possible that a vehicle was incorrectly reported as salvage and has not been removed from this database.
  • It is also possible that there are vehicles with duplicate VINs and/or VINs incorrectly entered.
  • If a vehicle is reported in this database as having been stolen, but not recovered, you should verify with the NICB or your local law enforcement agency that a stolen vehicle report is active before taking any action regarding the vehicle.

By checking a VIN against this database, you agree to not hold the NICB, its employees, board of governors, members, agents or any other entity which provided this information to NICB, liable for any reason as a result of your use of this information including, but not limited to, if the information proves to be inaccurate.

In order to continue with your inquiry as to whether a VIN is in the database, you must agree to and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The NICB VINCheck database is made possible through the cooperation of NICB participating members.