Investigations: Leveraging Experience, Relationships and Technological Prowess

Investigations main

While the shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, NICB has learned that insurance crime investigations seldom follow a linear path. Bends, bows, kinks, curves and tangents typically arise that impede investigations and throw them off course. That’s where NICB’s 100+ years of relationship-building comes into play: our deep roots with our member insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and public agencies are vital to our ability to follow the twists and turns we encounter to detect, deter and stop insurance crimes.

Our Investigative Approach

NICB’s investigative efforts focus on multi-claim, multi-carrier investigations of major criminal activity in concert with our members and law enforcement agencies nationwide. We are the country's only private organization that takes a multi-carrier approach to fraud and theft investigations.

NICB Agents: A Force Multiplier in Fighting Fraud

To facilitate investigations, NICB agents serve our members and collaborate with law enforcement agencies across eight regional field offices. Through an electronic claim referral process, NICB agents work with representatives from member company claims and special investigation unit groups, as well as law enforcement agency professionals, to investigate suspicious insurance claims and support civil and criminal prosecutions of those committing vehicle theft and insurance fraud. NICB investigators are also active participants in, and leaders of, multiple insurance crime task forces nationwide.

Investigative Assistance (IA) Group

The IA Group handles phone calls and email inquiries from law enforcement as well as NICB members. Through their knowledge and access to vast data resources, they help provide information resulting in thousands of vehicle recoveries and investigative leads each year.