Intelligence & Analytics

Intelligence & Analytics: Connecting the Dots

Data Analytic plotter

We have all encountered situations where a thread hangs from a piece of clothing. The temptation is to pull the thread with the expectation it will break off on its own. But more likely, that that thread will lead to another, and the next thing you know, our clothing starts to unravel.

Now imagine that process in reverse. One thread builds upon another, but rather than unwinding, leads to something even stronger and more powerful. That’s the fundamental premise behind NICB’s Intelligence and Analytics function.

Anti-fraud Solutions for the P&C Industry

Information gathering and sharing is a primary means of preventing, detecting and deterring insurance fraud and vehicle theft. It takes a keen sense of vision to peer into the future to adapt new software and technologies that can detect and deflect tomorrow’s problems. Our Intelligence and Analytics Department serves as the property-casualty insurance industry’s focal point for collective crime-fighting analysis.

Shared Knowledge is Power

Our analysts provide timely, useful fraud-fighting data to our members through products and services that include:


NICB’s various types of alerts support the early detection and prevention of potential fraud and improve the speed and effectiveness of investigations. They can include information on known or suspected scams and various individuals and/or entities that may be involved.


NICB publishes reports on a variety of topics affecting the insurance industry, focusing primarily on industry statistics, industry trends or patterns, or analysis of a geographic area. These reports are intended to increase general industry knowledge, assist with resource deployment, document trends that may be observed or address NICB member needs.