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Government Affairs: Working for All of Us

NICB’s Government Affairs Department provides leadership for anti-fraud issues and spearheads coordinated efforts with member companies’ government affairs staffs, property-casualty insurance trade groups and other anti-fraud organizations.

NICB's Eric DeCampos testifying.

Insurance fraud hurts everyone and results in higher insurance premiums for all of us. To help combat this widespread societal issue, NICB promotes statutes, regulations and policies at all levels of government to help serve member interests in preventing, detecting and defeating insurance fraud and vehicle crime. We work to:

  • Influence legislation and regulations that affect insurance fraud and vehicle theft;
  • Track fraud and theft legislation; and
  • Promote a strong anti-fraud environment nationwide.

Legislative Tracking

NICB monitors anti-fraud legislation and regulations at the federal and state level. View our legislative tracking feature to see active legislation by clicking the highlighted states on the map.

Legislative Policy Guides

NICB maintains a compendium of crucial insurance fraud and vehicle theft laws. Members of NICB may contact a Government Affairs staff member if they need the text of a particular law or regulation.

Insurance Fraud Summits

Conducted periodically in key states where anti-fraud issues and legislation are especially critical, timely or pertinent, these summits attract hundreds of insurance professionals, law enforcement agencies, elected officials and prosecutors to address issues and devise potential solutions to insurance crime.

Past summits have been held in Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina and Texas. Check back for information on future summits.

Fraud Bureau Reporting Program

NICB offers its members a service called the Fraud Bureau Reporting Program to help state insurance departments receive questionable claim referrals electronically from NICB member companies. This program streamlines reporting, gets the information to state insurance investigators efficiently and identifies duplicate investigations.

Government Agencies and Trade Associations

Government agencies and trade and industry related associations may be eligible to receive limited quantities of NICB materials at no cost. Contact for more information.


Contact a member of our Government Affairs Department.

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NICB Government Affairs Team

Richard DiZinno
Vice President
Strategy, Policy, and Government Affairs
Phone: 703.216.0994

Howard Handler
Senior Director
Strategy, Policy, and Government Affairs
Phone: 847.544.7083

Eric M. De Campos
Strategy, Policy, and Government Affairs
Phone: 847.989.7104

Craig Sepich
Strategy, Policy, and Government Affairs
Phone: 847.772.7667