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No-cost, In-person Development for Law Enforcement

All of NICB’s development solutions for law enforcement agencies are provided free-of-charge. NICB works with thousands of law enforcement officers every year. Experienced NICB agents, most of whom formerly worked in law enforcement, deliver in-person classroom training nationwide, covering a wide variety of topics.

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Detection Skills

Education and training on vehicle theft, vehicle identification, vehicle crime schemes and insurance fraud.

Insurance Industry Insight

Sharing information on what various insurance industry terms mean, as well as how the insurance industry handles claim processes and what types of evidentiary information is contained in claims files.

Basic Fraud Training

Entry-level fraud training presented at police academies so new officers gain an awareness of what NICB is and how the organization’s resources can help them in their investigations.

Online Learning & Development for Law Enforcement Available 24/7 at www.nicbtraining.org

NICB offers online insurance fraud training to law enforcement professionals free-of-charge at NICBTraining.org. These online courses will help you to spot the indicators of insurance fraud and vehicle theft, and many courses are available in both English and Spanish.

Take Courses

  • Bodily Injury Fraud
  • Examining Vehicles in the Field
  • Heavy Equipment Theft
  • Insurance Claims Decision Tree
  • Introduction to Insurance Fraud
  • Motorcycle Theft Fraud
  • Nomadic Fraud
  • Property Fraud
  • Staged Auto Accidents
  • Street Racing
  • Vehicle Cloning
  • Vehicle Theft Fraud
  • Watercraft Identification
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Workers’ Compensation Premium Fraud

Download Reference Documents

  • Cargo Theft Overview
  • Glossary of Insurance Terms
  • ISO ClaimSearch® Access Form
  • Metal Theft Overview
  • NICB Products Available for Law Enforcement
  • NICB’s Vehicle Identification Inspection Guide
  • Scene Indicators for Law Enforcement
  • Suspicious Hit While Parked
  • Vehicle Repair Fraud
  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Watch Streaming Videos

  • The Give-up
  • Identifying Stolen Vehicles on the Street
  • Staged Auto Accidents
  • Bodily Injury Fraud
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Vehicle Theft for Law Enforcement
  • VINnie’s Story


Email: Learning@nicb.org