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National Insurance Crime Bureau

Member Benefits

NICB: Your Trusted Partner in Leading the Fraud Fight

Don’t fight insurance fraud alone. NICB is on your side offering exceptional benefits for your company.

  • Ability to analyze aggregated member company claims data to identify organized networks
  • Production of fraud alerts that identify schemes, questionable medical providers, and parties of interest
  • Coordination of multi-carrier, multi-claim investigations
  • Strong partnership with SIU and claims communities that foster collaboration
  • Recognized by federal, state, and local law enforcement as experts in insurance crime, vehicle theft, and vehicle identification
  • Task force coordination and participation
  • Hosts regional dialogue meeting to foster information sharing between members and law enforcement
  • Facilitates the mandatory reporting of questionable claims to 48 state insurance departments
  • Virtual, in-person, and customized fraud education programs for your staff
  • Location, identification, and repatriation of stolen vehicles in foreign countries
  • Government and public affairs expertise
  • Integration of NICB alerts and information in ISO ClaimSearch® to help make better claims decision


How we helped our members in 2020

  • 119,502 questionable claims forwarded to state insurance departments participating in Fraud Bureau Reporting Program
  • 3,372 ForeWARN and MedAWARE Alerts published
  • $46M in loss mitigation
  • $10.5M in restitution ordered
  • 924 hours of training provided to member employees and law enforcement
  • Over 148,000 NICTA courses completed
  • 224,722 vehicles recovered with a total value of $661M
  • 31,004 NICB agent vehicle recoveries valued at $111,440,202


Regardless of your company’s size or book of business mix, NICB can support your fraud-fighting needs!

Consider these facts

  • 4.7 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating from our members, who write more than 95% of the nation’s personal auto insurance and 82% of the nation’s property/casualty insurance;
  • 90 cents of every membership assessment dollar is used for anti-fraud programs;
  • An overall 14 to 1 return on membership investment in 2020 that includes measurable member value along with industry value-added activities for law enforcement learning and development and public awareness;
  • Claims and SIU professionals can share information with their counterparts at other companies as well as with members of law enforcement at NICB Regional Dialogue Meetings;
  • More than 4,854 hotline calls and webtips received and processed, leading to more than 668 referred to members; and,
  • More than 3,400 alerts issued to advise members of fraud schemes, crime forecasts and case developments.
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