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Help across Agencies and Companies

NICB agents serve as a liaison between and among law enforcement agencies and the insurance industry to expedite insurance fraud and theft investigations. Learn more by reading our Vehicle Theft & Insurance Fraud Solutions for Law Enforcement brochure.

Claim File Exchange

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We frequently obtain claim files from insurers, summarize their contents and then provide this information to law enforcement agencies. This typically eliminates an agency’s need to issue subpoenas to obtain these important investigative resources.

Financial and Material Support of Law Enforcement Operations

This support can include:

  • Facilitating the provision of bait cars;
  • Providing surveillance equipment;
  • Providing investigative vehicles;
  • Securing pretext insurance policies; and
  • Offering financial assistance and other resources to support undercover and task force operations often constrained by limited law enforcement budgets.

Assistance with Case Preparation

NICB can help law enforcement agencies prepare fraud and theft cases and investigative reports to present to prosecutors. We find this to be a much-appreciated service by prosecutors, as it frequently expedites indictments of alleged criminals.

Key Read Examination

NICB offers a FREE service for law enforcement to read/examine keys on General Motors side-milled keys starting with model year 2010 to most present day models and BMW keys for certain model years. Read more about the key read service for law enforcement.

Regional Task Forces and Dialogue Meetings

NICB agents both lead and participate in insurance crime task forces and special operations nationwide, working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies’ special investigative units (SIUs).

We also sponsor regional Dialogue Meetings where members of NICB and law enforcement can gather to share information, and foster awareness, cooperation and collaboration. See the list of future planned Dialogue Meetings and check back for updates.

International Assistance

NICB can provide information on international vehicle locations, and we also offer recovery and repatriation services. Due to our long-standing history and trusted status, we serve as an expert liaison for domestic and international law enforcement agencies on fraud and theft crimes.

NICB Transactions Available over Nlets Network at

Through the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (Nlets) Network, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies can access a wide range of information, from standard driver’s license and vehicle queries to criminal history and Interpol information. The array of services provided is constantly expanding as Nlets is dedicated to meeting the growing demands for information by the agencies that protect life and liberty.

These NICB transactions are available over the Nlets network

  • NAQ – this transaction queries all available NICB files with one exception. When a partial VIN search is performed, only the Manufacturer’s Shipping File is searched. NICB files include Impound File, Export File, Manufacturer’s Shipping File, Salvage File, International Index File, Vehicle Claim File, Rental File, Theft & Theft Recovery File, and the NCIC/CPIC Cancelled File.
  • NIQ – this transaction will query only the Impound and Export Files.
  • RQ to Destination NA – this transaction will query the license plate against the LPR border crossing file made available to NICB from Customs and Border Protection.

No-cost NICB Resources for Law Enforcement

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VIN Manuals

Passenger VIN Manual

Every year, NICB publishes a new Passenger Vehicle Identification (VIN) Manual that is available to law enforcement agencies. The first 50 Passenger VIN Manuals are free of charge of each title year with a qualifying ORI code. Additional manuals are $1.00 per copy.

Commercial VIN Manual

The Commercial Vehicle Identification (VIN) Manual is published every five years. This manual contains VIN structures for commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers) from the last five model years. The first 50 Commercial VIN Manuals are free of charge of each title year with a qualifying ORI code. Additional manuals are $1.00 per copy.

Passenger Vehicle Identification Manuals 1937-2011 CD

This CD includes every Passenger Vehicle Identification Manual from 1937 to 2011. The CD also includes a master index that allows you to search by vehicle year or make. Manuals are in PDF format. This CD is available at $49.00 per copy with a qualifying ORI code.

Additional Law Enforcement Resources


The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) Law Enforcement Access Tool provides law enforcement with the information necessary to investigate vehicle-related crimes.

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