For Law Enforcement

NICB Supports Law Enforcement Agencies


NICB provides no-cost support to law enforcement agencies in many ways!

NICB Agents: A Force Multiplier in Fighting Fraud

NICB knows that relationships are key when investigating fraud and theft. For 110 years, we have planted deep roots with law enforcement organizations, public agencies and prosecutors who place unprecedented trust in our ability to detect, deter and stop insurance crimes.

Our corporate headquarters are in Des Plaines, Ill., and we have field offices and investigators, known as special agents, across the county.


Our investigative efforts focus on multi-claim, multi-carrier investigations of major criminal activity, including:

  • Medical provider fraud and corrupt enterprises
  • Staged accident rings
  • Interdiction and repatriation of stolen vehicles
  • Crime groups that target insurance companies
  • Cloned vehicles
  • Theft rings
  • Heavy equipment
  • Cargo
  • Chop shops
  • Glass fraud
  • Body shops
  • Organized groups
  • Medical fraud
  • Commercial fraud investigations


NICB agents serve as a liaison between and among law enforcement agencies and the insurance industry to expedite insurance fraud and theft investigations.

We make several resources available to law enforcement including:

  • Help across agencies and companies
  • Claim file exchange
  • Financial and material support for law enforcement operations
  • Assistance with case preparation
  • Key read examination
  • Regional task forces and dialogue meetings
  • International assistance
  • Data via Nlets Network
  • Complimentary VIN Manuals

In-Person Training

Experienced NICB agents, most of whom formerly worked in law enforcement, deliver in-person classroom training nationwide, covering a wide variety of topics.

Online Courses

View our library of online courses covering a variety of fraud-related topics.

Reference Documents

Access several educational and reference documents available for download.

Contact NICB for Access

Law enforcement, criminal justice and regulatory agencies inquiring about access to NICB and insurance information should contact NICB Technical Support at 800-447-6282, ext. 7003 or