Partnerships Make the Difference

Our members trust us to investigate and resolve questionable claims and provide intelligence on crime trends, and law enforcement looks to us for vehicle and medical insurance fraud expertise.

Partnerships Make the Difference

NICB has been in existence for over an incredible 110 years. The organization has unmatched data and technology, which enables us to be proactive in the fight against insurance fraud and crime, and an unrivaled presence and investigative capability. 

All of this is made possible by our extensive partnerships both nationally and abroad and by our clients’ and partners’ trust. Their trust enables our shared success. When we are successful, so are our partners. And while we certainly care deeply about our own mission, we carry many of the same values and shared drive to succeed as our partners. It’s why we work together. 

Our Network is a Force Multiplier 
NICB exists in a unique ecosphere of insurance carriers, law enforcement agencies, and data providers, and the organization is strategically positioned at the crossroads of all these. Our members trust us to investigate and resolve questionable claims and provide intelligence on crime trends, and law enforcement looks to us for vehicle and medical insurance fraud expertise. These are not mutually exclusive. To investigate claims thoroughly and quickly on behalf of our partners, we must have strong connections with both businesses, and local and federal entities. And for our partners to achieve desired outcomes, they need NICB to bridge the divide. 

Our Unique Perspective
We are not an insurance company nor are we a law enforcement entity. We are a cohort of professionals leveraging our varied backgrounds to combat insurance fraud and crime. Our shared, underlying principle of doing the greatest amount of good to ensure the safety and security of all people is what unifies us. And since we earnestly live and breathe this core truth—and so do our partners—we can unify under a common banner. 
Beyond our expertise and shared principles, what we offer the business world is truly unique. We are the only organization capable of securely housing, analyzing, and commingling all insurance claim data, law enforcement data, third-party data, and more. It’s why over 1,200 property-casualty insurance companies, vehicle rental companies, auto auctions, vehicle finance companies, self-insured organizations, and strategic partners have trusted us with their needs. 

Like most organizations, when you visit our webpage, you will see a capture of our benefits. They are the large, defining metrics of success. What you won’t see, however, are the everyday exchanges of information that enable these successes.

Tried and True
In 2023, we recovered 309,593 vehicles. How? Through our not-for-profit status, trust, and position at the intersection of industry. We are the only organization capable of connecting the dots between multiple insurance carrier data. 

More simply, when one insurance company is impacted by a loss, usually so are several others. Any one insurance company would be fighting an uphill battle to try to uncover these connections themselves given the legal impediments to certain data and investigative resources required to illuminate criminal networks. The reputation NICB has earned in over a century of service, along with our privileged and protected carveout, enables the integration and analysis of multiple datasets to support multi-carrier, multi-claim situations. 

Working Together
It's the most effective way to meet the challenges we face today. When a mobile home exploded on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, it was our partners that reached out to us to identify the vehicle. When a medical professional is flagged for possible fraud, it’s often NICB providing detailed analysis, investigative resources, and applying the power of our newly established NICB cloud and data science team to expose the truth. 

We are truly grateful for the enduring relationships that enable these triumphant outcomes. Thank you to all our members and industry partners who have trusted and worked alongside us for over 100 years. We are proud to be a member of this hardworking, fraud-fighting community. 


By Joshua Schweitzer  

Anyone with information concerning insurance fraud or vehicle theft can report it anonymously by calling toll-free 800.TEL.NICB (800.835.6422) or submitting a form on our website.

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