WI Cold Case 
A WI Detective contacted an NICB agent for assistance with conducting background research on new leads on possible suspect vehicles related to a six-year-old cold case where two men were killed by a hit and run driver.  The agent utilized NICB tools, colleagues, and DOT contacts put together a vehicle history and supporting documents for the Detective.  The vehicle, which had been sold numerous times was located and subsequently obtained by the Sheriff’s Office.  It was then transported to the WI DOJ Crime Lab for processing.  The agent researched additional vehicles owned by the suspected driver to piece together a complete ownership and registration timeline.  When the Crime Lab was finished processing the vehicle NICB agents met with local detectives to inspect the vehicle for signs of a collision and to document any replacement or aftermarket parts.  Agents were able to determine that the vehicle showed signs of being damaged in a collision and the location of the damages were the same location suspected by the Sheriff’s Office.  The most significant finding occurred when agents reviewed physical evidence that was collected at the scene.  Agents pieced together plastic panel pieces that matched to the damaged area found on the vehicle and were able to specifically match one piece of evidence that broke off the involved vehicle to the vehicle being inspected. On 10/22/2020, the Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of the suspected driver.