TxDMV Board Takes Action to Prevent the Fraudulent Production and Use of Temporary Tags

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, Jan. 28, 2022

(AUSTIN, Texas) Stopping the fraudulent production and use of temporary tags is the top priority of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV). During a specially called meeting on the issue yesterday, the TxDMV Board took decisive action to stop the fraudulent production and use of temporary tags by establishing limits on the number of temporary tags available to dealers and denying bad actors access to the temporary tag database as soon as fraudulent activity has been identified. These actions will have immediate effect, once filed with the Texas Register. TxDMV will begin using the new authority to deny bad actors access to the temporary tag system immediately.

The Board actions implement House Bill 3927, enacted by the Texas Legislature. The bill provides the legal authorization for TxDMV to take swifter action when fraud is identified and to reduce the potential number of tags at risk for illegal use. These tools will reduce the ability of criminals to print unlimited numbers of temporary tags for illegal purposes while ensuring legitimate dealers retain full access to temporary tags needed to support vehicle sales.

“We greatly appreciate the participation and input of the public and representatives of the motor vehicle industry in Texas as the department works to support our law enforcement partners throughout the state in reducing the illegal use of temporary tags,” said TxDMV Chairman Charles Bacarisse.

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