Suspension of Florida Lawyer Accused of Causing ‘Great Public Harm’ Justified: Judge

A Florida judge has recommended the Florida Supreme Court deny the motion to dissolve the suspension of a Florida attorney who, with his firm, has filed thousands of assignments of benefit and first party lawsuits against Florida property insurers over the last several years. The court-appointed referee’s recommendation to the Florida Supreme Court is the latest development in the case brought by The Florida Bar against Scot Strems, owner and sole named partner of Coral Gables-based Strems Law Firm, who the bar claims is causing great public harm through “a vast campaign of unprofessional, unethical, and fraudulent conduct. ” The Florida Supreme Court issued an emergency suspension against Scot Strems on June 9 in response to a 48-page petition from the bar that says Strems has been the respondent of several complaints before the Florida bar and alleges, “Mr. Strems sits at the head of a vast campaign of unprofessional, unethical, and fraudulent conduct that now infects courts and communities across the state.”