Successful Tag A Cat Event Hosted by the Chesapeake Police Department

Tag A Cat

Catalytic converters are engraved with unique identifiers at Tag A Cat events hosted by the Chesapeake Police Department. 

SA Scherer

NICB SA C. Scherer assisted with the engraving of over 50 vehicles at the Tag A Cat event at Chesapeake City Park. 


AAA joined NICB and the Chesapeake Police Department at the September 30, 2023 etching event 

On September 30, 2023, the Chesapeake Police Department conducted a catalytic converters VIN engraving event at Chesapeake City Park. During the event, over 50 vehicles were engraved and painted. This event was jointly conducted by members of the Chesapeake Police Department, AAA, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau.  Inclement weather did not deter the participants from connecting with the community and providing this service. 

NICB Special Agent C. Scherer along with law enforcement handed out brochures and VIN etching stickers to members of the community explaining how to prevent catalytic converter and auto thefts. SA Scherer was active in communicating with residents regarding NICB's assistance in preventing insurance fraud, catalytic converter, and auto thefts.