Sheriff’s Quick Claim File Request  

On 07/25/2021 a subject made a claim to a member company and to a Sheriff’s office alleging that she was the victim of a residential burglary. In the member company claim and the police report subject indicated the loss of several electronic items and other personal property. The total estimated loss was listed at approximately $7,700.00.  On 8/16/2021  an NICB Agent was contacted by the sheriff’s office Detective who requested claim file information from the member company as soon as possible. The NICB Agent assisted with the facilitation of an expedited claim file exchange and information was turned over to LE later that day. A search warrant was served the following day, and items believed to have been listed as stolen were observed in the residence of the subject. The subject was charged with Felony Insurance Fraud, False information to LE, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of controlled substances.