San Diego DA Uses Billboard to Warn Against Committing Insurance Fraud

SAN DIEGO — Billboards are being posted across San Diego, warning that insurance fraud is a felony and could lead to prison. 

"It is estimated that 15 to 20% of all claims and settlements involving auto insurance are fraudulent," said Luis Mendez, Assistant Chief for Insurance Fraud and Workplace Justice with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. 

Mendez says part of the reason for the high fraud rate is our geography. 

"We are close to the border and have several military bases here and being close to the border, people get the idea they can leave cars in Mexico and not see the cars again but that's erroneous because cars are found and brought back," Mendez said.                  

Read the entire news article.  CBS-8 San Diego, by Steve Fiorina, April 20, 2023