Ringleader of California Insurance Fraud Crew Hit With 39 Felony Counts: The Inland Empire Man Allegedly Ran ‘Paper Collision’ Schemes That Netted More Than $80K

A Chino, California, man has been arraigned on 39 felony counts for allegedly being the ringleader of an auto insurance fraud crew that specialized in running “paper collision” scams, according to the state’s department of insurance. Another five suspected participants have been charged with insurance fraud in connection to the ring, which has pulled in more than $80,000 from the scheme. 

Paper collisions involve fictitious accidents and falsified documents. In this instance, Branden Heywood of Chino, was using his identity and other people’s identities, including those of his minor children, to submit fictitious medical records and altered California Highway Patrol collision reports. 

Read the entire news article.  Property Casualty 360, by Steve Hallo, September 9, 2022 


NICB assisted the investigation.