Police capture two suspects involved in more than 60 car break-ins

Thechampionnewspaper.com, Christine Fonville, March 27, 2024

DeKalb County police said they have arrested two suspects they believe are responsible for more than 60 car break-ins throughout DeKalb County and metro-Atlanta.

The arrests occurred on Dec. 7. Officials with the DeKalb County Police Department said that at approximately 3 a.m., officers responded to The Vue at Embry Hills apartments in Atlanta “in reference to suspects attempting to break into multiple vehicles within the complex.”

“Once officers arrived on scene, the suspects fled in a stolen vehicle before crashing and fleeing on foot,” stated police. “A short time later, with the assistance of the Clarkston Police Department and Avondale Estates Police Department, two suspects were apprehended and taken into custody without incident.”

Police had not released the identities of the suspects at press time, but evidence found at the scene of the crime led officials to believe the suspects were involved in multiple car break-ins.

The arrests resulted in police recovering a stolen firearm, stated officials. Along with the gun, a photograph shared by police shows other stolen items, including shoes, purses, credit cards, electronics, and weapons.

While violent crime has been trending down in and around metro Atlanta, theft (particularly car break-ins and stolen vehicles) has been increasing in the past three years, according to multiple law enforcement agencies.

Locally, police have hosted events giving away car theft prevention devices as well as providing tips to prevent car break-ins, including:

• Leave any items at home that might be attractive to thieves.

• Put items attractive to thieves in a car’s trunk before arriving at a destination. (Putting the items in the trunk while at a parking spot can tip off a thief, stated police.)

• Never leave anything visible inside the vehicle – “This is the single most important thing car owners can do to prevent a car window from being smashed and your valuables stolen,” stated police.

• Always take out handbags, purses, wallets, cell phones, guns, packages, laptops and laptop cases, gym bags, and briefcases.

• Put away chargers even when electronics are hidden. “If the thief sees the charger, he’ll break into the car on the assumption that the device is hidden under a seat, in an interior compartment, or inside a trunk,” said police.

• Never leave loose change in the vehicle, especially in a visible place.

• Park in a well-lit location with large amounts of foot traffic. Avoid parking on an isolated side street.

• Park in a parking lot that has an attendant.

• Roll up car windows all the way and lock doors.

Police are also asking that anyone who witnesses a car break-in and/or theft of a vehicle do the following:

• Call 911.

• When talking to the dispatcher, try to give as much information as possible, specifically location of the incident, address, cross streets, or specific location inside a parking lot.

• Provide as much information as possible, such as sex, race, age, height, weight, hair color and length, color and length of facial hair, colors and style of clothing, identifying marks such as tattoos or piercings of the suspect.

• Give the direction of travel if the thief flees. If the thief flees in a vehicle, give the description of the vehicle and attempt to provide a license plate.

• Never risk personal safety by trying to stop a break-in, carjacking, or theft of a vehicle.

For more information, visit https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/police-services/welcome.

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