Northern California Drivers Charged after Investigation Uncovers Text Messages Detailing Alleged Insurance Fraud Scheme

SACRAMENTO, CA — Maricela Pantjoa Vidrio, 31, of Fairfield, and Areshma Kiran, 35, of Sacramento, were charged on multiple felony counts of insurance fraud, after allegedly conspiring to misrepresent the facts following an automobile collision in order to receive undeserved insurance payouts. 

An investigation by the California Department of Insurance revealed on August 19, 2018, Vidrio was driving her 2016 Honda Accord and struck the rear of a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder, driven by Kiran. Vidrio, who was uninsured at the time of the collision, obtained an auto policy with her insurance company on August 21, 2018.

The investigation discovered text messages between Vidrio and Kiran following the accident in which Vidrio told Kiran her plan to obtain insurance so both vehicles will be repaired. They agreed to falsely report to their insurance companies that the collision occurred on August 23, 2018, four days after the actual accident.


Read the press release. California Department of Insurance, July 7, 2021


NICB assisted the investigation.