Newport News Police Department Hosts Final Etching Event for 2023


The Newport News Police Department, the Virginia State Police, NICB and the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association participated in the final etching event of 2023 at the Virginia Fall Classic Car Show. 


Residents registered to have their vehicles’ catalytic converters etched with unique VINs 

window etching
window etching

VIN etching services were provided to 48 vehicles at the October 21, 2023 event 

On October 21, 2023, Newport News Police Department hosted their final VIN etching event of the year at the Viriginia Fall Car Classic Show at Newport News Park.  Catalytic converters VIN engraving & windows (glass) etching service was provided to 48 automobiles during the event. Citizens from various jurisdictions of the Virginia Peninsula and the Southside Hampton Roads and from Arizona, California, and Texas participated in the event. 

Auto theft prevention material and catalytic converter theft prevention material packets were provided by the Virginia State Police HEAT program and the NICB.  Gun locks were distributed by the Newport News Police Department as a part of their gun safety outreach program. 

NICB Special Agents K. Hutt and C. Scherer participated in the seven events hosted by the Newport News Police Department this year. Over the course of the year services were provided to 529 vehicles.