WWLTV, By Mike Perlstein, Sept. 1, 2020

NEW ORLEANS — A New Orleans attorney and two con artists who recently pleaded guilty in a series of “staged” accidents in order to rip-off insurance companies through fraudulent lawsuits have been hit with a federal racketeering civil lawsuit.

The RICO lawsuit names accident attorney Daniel Patrick Keating along with two men – Damian Labeaud and Mario Solomon – who recently confessed to being orchestrators of the accidents, in which people with packed cars intentionally sideswipe 18-wheelers in order to collect money for exaggerated or non-existent injuries.

WWL-TV’s investigative series “Highway Robbery” previously identified Keating as the lawyer listed as “Attorney A” in the federal indictment charging Labeaud, Solomon and six other defendants. The indictment spells out how Keating coordinated with the defendant before and after accidents, “paying Labeaud up to $1,000 per passenger for staged and legitimate accidents with tractor-trailers.”

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