New Effort in Tarrant County Aims to Crack Down on Car Thefts

The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office reports motor vehicle thefts in Tarrant County rose to 6,367 in 2020 from 5,895 in 2019
NBCDFW, By Lili Zheng, Oct. 26, 2021

In an effort to combat auto crimes, an assistant criminal district attorney in Tarrant County will be working with a task force and only prosecute auto theft cases.

Assistant criminal district attorney Zane Reid has been appointed to work with the Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force. According to the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, Reid is the first prosecutor in Texas named to solely work with an auto crimes task force.

Previously, auto theft cases were sent to the DA’s Office and assigned to various prosecutors. All will now go to Reid. In a press release Tuesday announcing the effort, the office said Reid will be able to spot trends or see if there are multiple cases involving the same defendant that should be grouped together.

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