New Bills Aim to Penalize Theft, Purchase of Catalytic Converters

Two state Senate bills are taking aim at the rise of catalytic converter thefts in Nevada. 

Both Senate Bill 243 and Senate Bill 250 are focused on cracking down on the crime by prohibiting purchasing a catalytic converter from anyone other than a licensed worker — such as an automobile wrecker, scrap metal processor, or automobile manufacturer or dealer — or someone with documentation proving ownership of the catalytic converter. 

“This is to have some accountability and transparency in people who are purchasing these catalytic converters,” said Democratic state Sen. Rochelle Nguyen, a sponsor of both bills. 

Catalytic converters — which are part of a car’s exhaust system — have become a frequent target of thieves because of the value of the precious metals used in them. 

Read the entire news article.  Las Vegas Review-Journal, March 22, 2023, by Justin Razavi