Nevada DMV Officers Make Arrest in Alleged VIN-Switching Scheme

LAS VEGAS – An 18-year-old Texas man has been arrested in Las Vegas by Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles investigators for allegedly trying to sell a stolen vehicle using a switched Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Daniel Lopez, Jr., was taken into custody October 14, 2021, as part of an undercover sting operation by the DMV Compliance Enforcement Division. Officers working undercover observed the attempted sale of a pickup truck that had been reported stolen in Texas.

According to investigators, Lopez was arrested while attempting to close a cash sale on the stolen pickup with a Las Vegas buyer, who was unaware that the truck’s VIN had been switched.

The suspect had reportedly offered the buyer a reduced price for a cash sale, said Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement Division Chief J.D. Decker.

Read the full NV DMV press release.

NICB assisted this investigation.