Nevada DMV Compliance Enforcement Cracks Down on Illegal Tags

CARSON CITY – Nevadans are being warned by the Department of Motor Vehicles not to purchase or rent vehicles with Texas temporary dealer permits. These permits may be fraudulent and used to conceal serious legal problems with the vehicle.

Widespread use of Texas permits in Southern Nevada in recent months has led to the seizure of hundreds of these tags by Nevada DMV’s Compliance Enforcement Division and numerous impounded vehicles; some of which had been stolen and sold to Nevadans.

“These permits are generally used on vehicles that can’t be registered in Nevada because of emissions problems, canceled or suspended registrations, insurance or titling problems, or even those that have been stolen and VIN-switched,” said DMV Compliance Enforcement Division Chief J.D. Decker. “Texas is aware that these permits are being misused and is working to solve the problem.”

Often labeled as “Texas Buyer” permits, the tags are usually sold online for as much as $60 and don’t come from a legitimate auto dealer.

Read the entire press releaseNevada Department of Motor Vehicles, February 4, 2022

NICB provides investigative assistance to Nevada DMV.