More than just Catalytic Converters in Kentucky

In February a NICB case was opened to help coordinate the efforts between the member companies and Law Enforcement to combat the increase of Catalytic Converter thefts in several Kentucky counties.  Law Enforcement soon realized the converter thieves appeared to be part of a larger ring that were reportedly stealing vehicles and transporting drugs.  In April members of the NICB team were requested to assist Law Enforcement after search warrants were issued. Two agents assisted which resulted in the recovery of two-member company stolen vehicles, and a stolen trailer. In all,  three individuals were charged and multiple weapons were recovered along with illegal drugs.  Two other agents assisted the Kentucky State Police and their assistance resulted in the recovery of six stolen vehicles, a stolen motorcycle, a stolen farm tractor, and a stolen travel trailer. Two subjects were charged. The estimated value of the recovered property is $68,000. The investigation is currently on-going.