Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce recovers stolen farm equipment valued at over $198,000

Vicksburgnews.com, July 11, 2023

The recovery of three significant pieces of farm equipment has been achieved through an investigation carried out by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce’s law enforcement division, according to WLBT.

On Tuesday, the Mississippi Agriculture and Livestock Theft Bureau (MALTB) made an announcement about the successful retrieval of over $198,000 worth of equipment, including two skid steers, one of which was reported stolen in Jackson.

Working in close collaboration with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office and the Jackson Police Department, the items were able to be located and recovered.

Agricultural Commissioner Andy Gipson expressed his pride in the achievements of the law enforcement team, stating, “I am proud of the work our law enforcement team has accomplished. They work diligently every day to protect our ag communities around the state. I would like to thank all our MALTB investigators, as well as our partners in state and local law enforcement who assisted with this investigation.”

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