Missing Marijuana Growing Equipment 
After reviewing a referral, an NICB Agent spoke with the SIU handling a claim.  The insured made a $47,000 property theft insurance claim stating items such as firearms, marijuana and marijuana growing equipment were stolen from their property.  NICB Agent was able to confirm with local and federal law enforcement, the insured had been arrested for narcotics related offenses. The insured and 11 others had been charged in Federal District Court for drug trafficking and conspiring to distribute meth, and other drugs. Investigators found cocaine, fentanyl, heroin, a kilogram of methamphetamine, 50 pounds of marijuana, over 300 marijuana plants, other controlled opiate substances, three handguns and over $50,000 in cash.  Federal law enforcement officers confirmed the Marijuana growing equipment, firearms, cash and proceeds from illegal narcotics trafficking were seized during the execution of several search warrants in the southwest Michigan area relating to this investigation, and therefore were not stolen as the insured claimed.  This information was shared with SIU and the claim was denied.