Minnesota Investigation

On 08/01/2023, a phone call was made from MN law enforcement to a NICB Special Agent, requesting assistance.  The Detective was looking at parts from a 2018 Jeep Trackhawk for sale on Facebook Marketplace being sold by a suspected auto thief. NICB assisted with cross-referencing the airbag numbers shown in one of the Marketplace photos, which reportedly matched to a stolen Jeep. This information assisted LE in obtaining a warrant. Further assistance was requested from NICB wherein parts and a stolen VIN switched Dodge Charger were recovered at the site of the executed search warrant. Further investigation into the suspect found two other vehicles sold on Facebook Marketplace. A Dodge Ram TRX, that was recovered in Indiana and a Dodge Durango RT, that was recovered in Iowa. Both vehicles appeared to have been thefts and both victims reportedly identified the suspect as the one who sold them the vehicles. This investigation has also led to the identifying of a stolen Ferrari that has not yet been recovered.