Minnesota FBI Assist

Today Javon Thomas Wilson-Branch pled guilty to both the 3-16-2023 armed carjacking at 5618 Blaisdell Avenue, Minneapolis of a 2013 black Mercedes Benz SUV and the 3-17-2023 armed carjacking at 1376 Danforth Street, St. Paul of a 2015 Audi A6 sedan.

Wilson-Branch also accepted responsibility for a third, uncharged, armed carjacking on 3-17-2023 near 4505 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis of a 2005 blue Toyota Highlander.

Wilson-Branch admitted he did all three carjackings with at least one other person; that he used a rifle or a pistol in each of these crimes; that he was part of those that forced the Audi A6 carjacking victim to unlock his cell phone; that he was aware this unlocked cell phone was used to steal funds from the carjacking victim; that he fled in the carjacked Audi A6 at speeds over 100 mph from SPPD on the morning of 3-17-2023 down Maryland Avenue; and that some of the ammunition found in the recovered Audi A6 had been stolen from Cabela’s.  

No sentencing date has been set, but federal sentencing guidelines have him looking at 121 to 151 months in federal prison.   The investigation indicated Wilson-Branch to reportedly be involved in additional violent criminal activity that could not be charged federally, but this additional activity and the emotional damage done to the victims of his violence were foremost in the investigative team’s minds as we worked to ensure an airtight case against this violent predator.

This was a real team effort, but the FBI local office truly appreciates the outstanding work by the Woodbury PD, the St. Paul PD, the Minneapolis PD, the FBI CAST team, the FBI CART team, FBI Victim Services, the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the FBI ERT, and the FBI forensic laboratory!