Massive catalytic converter bust: Court documents reveal more about how alleged theft operation worked

KHOU, By Anayeli Ruiz, July 31, 2022

We are learning more about those who were arrested during a raid on Thursday. Hundreds of catalytic converters were recovered at seven different locations.

HOUSTON — New details are revealing more about how an extensive catalytic converter theft operation was working.

Charging documents show the operation was being handled and promoted through Instagram. The documents identified Armando Martinez Sr. as a “mid-level” or "mid-tier" buyer who was part of the sophisticated organized crime ring that stole, purchased, and sold the stolen converters.

Those initially arrested have been identified by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement as Jose Martinez, 19; Armando Martinez, 18; Isaac Castillo, 21; Terance Elder, 20; and Armando Martinez Sr., 39; all of Houston, and Jose Sanchez, 21-year-old of Dayton, Texas. Sanchez has since been released from custody and has no charges related to the incident.

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