LPR Alert in Ohio

In April, an NICB agent responded to a LPR alert in Ohio.  He found the subject of the LPR alert, a 2016 black Ford F150, parked on the street and confirmed the VIN matched the alert, which was an active theft entered by law enforcement.  Ohio law enforcement responded immediately to the scene to recover the vehicle. While at the recovery location, NICB agent observed a parked Chevrolet Avalanche and Silverado, as well as a Bobcat skid steer and Quality trailer parked in a vacant lot in close proximity to the stolen Ford.   The two Chevrolet trucks and Quality trailer were confirmed stolen via checks of the public VIN.   The public PIN on the Bobcat had been removed, and the machine was painted black to conceal its identity.  The NICB agent was able to ID the Bobcat as a 2015 S550 that had been reported stolen, but never entered as an active theft.  Total recovery value of $91,056 was made during an LPR alert.  Four case principals and a business have been identified and are pending further investigation.