Little financial loss in Indiana

After a three-month investigation with the Indiana law enforcement, a case principal was arrested and charged with Corrupt Business Influence and Eight Counts of Auto Theft.  NICB assisted in conducting numerous intelligence searches, vehicle inspections/recoveries, and LPR searches involving vehicles as part of this investigation.  The case principal is alleged to have received multiple financial institutions checks obtained from accounts he opened fraudulently with insufficient funds. He then allegedly used the personal checks issued in his name to purchase 15 used cars and trucks from dealerships throughout central Indiana. All but two of the vehicles have been recovered because of the coordinated joint action between law enforcement, assisted by NICB; which resulted in no or little financial loss to the affected dealerships, requiring no filing of insurance claims with carriers.  Case principal was additionally arrested on outstanding arrest warrants for narcotics related charges and felony Non-Support of a Dependent.  In total, approximately $100,000 in recovery value was contributed to this investigation.