LAPD Task Force Arrests 22 in Connection with Train Burglaries, $18 Million in Stolen Goods Recovered

A year-long investigation into a string of train burglaries in Los Angeles has led to almost two dozen arrests and the recovery of $18 million in stolen goods. 

A Los Angeles Police Department task force, working with the Union Pacific Railroad Police, Police, Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Police and other associated law enforcement agencies, investigating the burglaries that made headlines in January 2022 said Thursday they have arrested 22 people associated with two crime rings and recovered $18 million in merchandise, KTLA reported. 

"The Commercial Crimes Division detectives’ investigative efforts resulted in not just countless hours of surveillance, 49 search warrants, but also the recovery of more than $18 million worth of merchandise stolen from these cargo containers. Those containers were on trains headed to all points across the country," LAPD Chief Michel Moore said in a press conference. 

Read the entire news article.  Fox News, by Andrew Mark Miller, 11/18/2022