Husband and Wife Sentenced

A husband and wife reportedly finished a wedding photo shoot and decided to go Christmas shopping at a nearby mall.  When returning to their car they noticed the trunk ajar and found that all of their photo equipment was missing.  They reportedly filed a burglary theft claim – with three separate member companies.

Some time later, they reportedly filed a report for the theft of their two commercially insured home care vehicles from an address in Florida where they allegedly claimed they lived.  Law enforcement in Texas reportedly recovered one of the vehicles from the insureds’ home address in Texas.

The insureds were interviewed by NICB and law enforcement.  During the interview, they allegedly confessed to filing all three fraudulent claims.  They further allegedly admitted that they had done this once before and assumed this time would be easier.

Both insureds were indicted for insurance fraud.  They both pled guilty and were sentenced to two years’ probation which ends on March 9, 2023.