Faked/Forged Total Loss Letters in Missouri

In June of 2019, two NICB agents were contacted by the Missouri Department of Revenue Investigative Bureau regarding suspected fake/forged total loss letters being presented by numerous customers when registering a recently purchased vehicle. These alleged fake/forged total loss letters resulted in substantially reduced or total elimination of sales tax liability. An NICB agent reached out to multiple member insurance companies over an almost 2-year period and verified that over 30 total loss letters presented to the Missouri DOR were indeed forged documents resulting in the State of Missouri losing out on substantial sales tax revenue. NICB agents assisted MO DOR Agents with interviews of subjects who had reportedly presented forged documents and confirmed that each subject had reportedly been approached by an individual offering to take care of all vehicle registration paperwork to save them from having to pay any sales tax. The identity of the suspect was eventually confirmed by a cell number given in multiple interviews. Investigation indicated that the suspect was paid thousands of dollars to obtain motor vehicle registrations through illegal means. This included allegedly changing sales prices for motor vehicles and passing fake/forged total loss letters on numerous vehicles resulting in reduced, or total elimination of sales tax liability. The investigation further indicated the suspect may have registered his own vehicle fraudulently in this same scheme. A criminal records check revealed the suspect was wanted on a federal indictment for felony possession of a firearm. The suspect was taken into custody by A.T.F. Agents on Friday, October 2, 2020 and faces federal weapons and drug charges. The suspect also faces fines from the State of Missouri for willfully failing to pay motor vehicle sales tax on his own vehicle and several other vehicles.