Dog Walk Turned Into Vehicular Homicide   

An NICB Agent received a request for assistance from law enforcement.  The agent was informed then that a woman walking her dog along a highway was allegedly struck and killed by a vehicle being driven by an identified suspect. The NICB Agent was told the subject allegedly left the scene of the accident and drove for approximately nine miles where her car stopped running.  At this point the subject allegedly called the police and told them she thought she had struck a deer.  Subject allegedly used her cell phone to try and reinstate her auto insurance policy because it had expired.  Subject then allegedly entered a false time of the accident so she would have coverage.  The NICB Agent requested and reviewed the claim file, which included call logs, recordings, and cell phone information.  The NICB Agent then contacted the State Patrol and presented his findings. Due in large part to the NICB agent’s work and discovery in the claim file, the subject was charged with 2 counts of Vehicular Homicide, 2 counts of Felony Drive Fail to Stop for Collision, 2 counts of Felony Driver Failure to Notify Police of Personal Injury, 2 counts of Insurance Fraud, 1 count of No Insurance, and 2 counts Use of Wireless Communication Device.  Totally 8 felony counts, and 3 misdemeanors.