Dekalb County Man Wanted for Insurance Fraud

Office of Commissioner of Insurance and Safety Fire, August 18, 2022

ATLANTA – Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King announced today that Jason Eaglin, 43, of Brookhaven, has been charged with Insurance Fraud.

On August 29th, 2021, Mr. Eaglin initiated a window damage claim to Progressive Mountain Insurance Company for his insured Tesla Model X and was quoted $1,659.43 for repairs. Nine days later, he requested that his auto insurance deductible be lowered from $2,000 to $500. After the reduction went into effect on September 12th, Mr. Eaglin initiated a second claim for the same incident; he then asserted that the first claim was a mistake and only the September 12th claim and damage had occurred.

“Our investigators were able to quickly determine that the photograph of damage submitted by Mr. Eaglin with his second claim was taken on the date of his original claim,” said Commissioner King. “Therefore, he is being charged with knowingly and willfully committing insurance fraud. These types of illegal actions lead to higher premiums for Georgia families and I’m proud of the work of our office to close this case.”

Warrants were taken out against Mr. Eaglin in Dekalb County on August 11th for Insurance Fraud. He is still wanted at this time.

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