CT Scan with contrast but no credentials

The Hoffman Estates Police Department contacted a NICB Medical Task Force Agent regarding a complaint they received regarding the Hope Imaging & Medical Center in Hoffman Estates, IL.  The victim reportedly went to have a CT Scan with contrast. Omayr Niazi allegedly injected an iodine-based dye medium into the victim’s arm resulting in immediate pain, discomfort, and swelling. Niazi’s qualifications came into question. HEPD requested Niazi’s medical credentials and Niazi reportedly tendered a forged training certificate from the National College of Health.  Niazi’s wife, Azima, also had worked at the center purportedly performing Mammograms and has allegedly represented herself as a doctor. Investigation indicated the couple appears to have never held any medical credentials. The Department of Nuclear Safety division of IEMA has reportedly cited Niazi numerous times since 2017 for unqualified persons equipment.  A collaborative investigative effort by HEPD Detectives, & the Cook County Special Prosecutions Unit, assisted by the NICB, resulted in Niazi’s arrest on charges of alleged Agg. Battery, Forgery, and Wire Fraud. The investigation continues into the activities of Azima Niazi as well as billing practices to NICB member companies.