Couple Hid Several Ultra-Luxury Vehicles At South Florida Home, Steven Symes, September 25, 2023

Authorities descended on a house in northwest Miami-Dade, Florida recently, uncovering several stolen ultra-luxury cars stashed there. Among them were two Rolls-Royce Cullinans, a Bentley Bentayga, a Mercedes GLE, and a Tesla. We can’t imagine why the neighbors in the fairly modest-looking neighborhood would’ve suspected anything.

During the bust, which was a multi-agency effort, 37-year-old Patrice Cherrine Hinds and 31-year-old Joseph Roger Museau were arrested at the residence. Footage of all five allegedly stolen cars was captured by NBC Miami where all but maybe the Tesla and Mercedes look completely out of place in front of the house. 

According to the report, Broward County Sheriff’s Office and Miami Gardens Police asked for assistance from Florida Highway Patrol after law enforcement followed a Rolls-Royce Cullinan which had been stolen from Hallandale Beach into the area. It’s amazing the top wasn’t blown off this theft stash by suspicious neighbors.

While this case might seem bold because of the sky-high values of the vehicles these two are accused of swiping, we’re not horribly surprised by it. Thieves have become far bolder lately, both those who are part of international crime organizations and those who are “freelance,” some of them believing they’ll face few if any consequences when caught with stolen cars.

It’s curious these two were stashing all the cars at a residence and seemed to have been driving them around as their personal rides. When police arrested Museau was found behind the wheel of the one Cullinan with the keys for the other and the Bentley in her purse. Were they just relishing in driving cars most people could never even dream of using? It’s a far cry from stealing a loaf of bread to feed one’s family.

Both suspects face charges for grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

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