Columbia MO Crew

On 9/17/2019, an FBI Special Agent contacted an NICB Special Agent for assistance with an on-going investigation of a group who were possibly involved in organizing staged accidents to defraud insurance companies.  FBI requested NICB assistance in identifying the insurance companies that might be victims of this fraud.  They provided the names of the people involved and dates of possible accidents.  The NICB Agent was able to match the names and dates given to accident claims and assist the FBI with gathering information relevant to the investigation.  The investigation continued through 2020 and in total 30 potential suspects were identified along with other possible fraudulent accidents occurring from 2017 to 2020 and the FBI presented this case to the federal grand jury.  The main suspects in the case were indicted by a federal grand jury on 11/18/2020.  A total of 19 defendants were indicted on 69 counts for their alleged role in a $1.2 million dollar insurance fraud conspiracy.  For more information please see the link below.