Coalition Against Insurance Fraud Publishes “Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame – 2021”

Mask up fast and hide while you can; a new set of viral spreaders have arrived. Let’s un-welcome the newest members of the Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame.

Freeway Reign of Error: Truckers Framed for Setup Crashes – Wreck ring stalks truckers with dangerous freeway collisions; passengers lie they have whiplash

Hookah Arson Hoax Ruins Historic Old Neighborhood – Businesses closed, people lose homes as hookah bar owners ignite gasoline fire that shoots out of control

Father Drives Autistic Kids Off Pier for Life-Insurance Payday – Straps helpless kids into back seat, sets up murders to look like accident

OB-GYN Maims Women with Useless Surgeries to Steal $21 Million – Hysterectomies, botched surgeries, leave patients in chronic pain and permanently scarred

Military Insurer Rifled for $510 Million Of Worthless Compound Medicines – Crime ring bills for overpriced tubes of creamy medicines that service members didn’t need or use

Pregnant Mexican Women Duped into Buying Fake Maternity Coverage – Insurance scam imperils innocent women’s visa status, robs taxpayers

Crime Ring Peddles $78 Million Of Unsafe, Black-Market Drugs – Prescription drugs stolen, resold to pharmacies despite unsafe storage, expiration

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