Chop Shop Recovery in Tennessee 

NICB agent was contacted by a Tennessee County Sheriff’s Department requesting assistance with identifying vehicles, trailers, and a mini excavator at a search warrant location in TN.  After accessing the scene with Law Enforcement, the location was deemed a chop shop.  The location next door was also  identified as part of the chop shop.  Law Enforcement then secured the location and another search warrant was obtained.   After the second search warrant was executed, an additional NICB agent was at the scene and another agent who assisted in identifying multiple vehicles. During the search warrants a stolen 2012 Infiniti was identified and was in the process of an alleged salvage switch. The search warrants resulted in the recovery of a stolen Yanmar mini excavator, a Yamaha YZF motorcycle, a 22’ utility trailer used to steal the mini excavator, a U-Haul car hauler and eleven other stolen vehicles. There were 24 other vehicles, tools and other property seized by Law Enforcement for the investigation. The approximate value of the recovered stolen property is $206,389.