Cartier Sunglasses and Necklace

An NICB agent received information from an SIU that a claimant had allegedly attempted to file a fraudulent insurance claim for a gold and diamond necklace valued at $280,000.00 that was reportedly stolen during an armed robbery. The claimant, who has a previous conviction, allegedly claimed that as he left a dry-cleaning establishment in Michigan, he was the victim of an armed robbery wherein an unknown assailant approached him and stole his Cartier sunglasses and necklace. Investigation indicated that the claimant may have pawned this same necklace in June 2018 for $70,000.00 to a Michigan pawn shop. In November 2018, the necklace was allegedly redeemed out of pawn for nine days. During that time an appraisal from a Detroit area jeweler was reportedly obtained, which valued the necklace at $280,000.00. The claimant then reportedly re-pawned the necklace. After allegedly re-pawning the necklace, the claimant applied for an insurance policy, which was issued in December 2018. In July 2019, the claimant alleged that the necklace was stolen during a robbery. The claimant filed a police report stating that he was the victim of an armed robbery. Contact was made with the Police Department, who requested NICB assistance in investigating this alleged armed robbery, false police report, and attempted insurance fraud. In August 2020 the claimant was charged with one count of Felony False Police Report.