Reacting to a string of car thefts in Tamarac, the Broward Sheriff’s Office Tamarac District recently conducted an operation that resulted in numerous arrests, the recovery of several stolen vehicles and the seizure of several firearms.

Beginning on January 21, BSO detectives and deputies from the Tamarac District Criminal Investigative Division and Tamarac District Crime Suppression Team made 17 arrests, recovered seven stolen cars and seized three guns. One of the recovered stolen vehicles and two of the seized firearms are pictured above. Information gathered during this operation also allowed BSO Tamarac to assist law enforcement investigations into similar suspected criminal activity occurring in BSO’s North Lauderdale District, the city of Margate and the city of Miami. 

According to investigators, many of the crimes in Tamarac occurred during the late night or overnight hours in the west side of the city along the Rock Island Road corridor and involved juveniles. The crimes do not appear to be part of an organized ring.

In one of the Tamarac cases, detectives recovered a device that allows thieves to program or clone a key fob for virtually any vehicle. Detectives say car owners should consider parking their car in a garage or using an immobilizing device on the steering wheel as a prevention method.

Additionally, BSO detectives advise vehicle owners to take the following precautions to protect against car thieves or car burglars:

  • Never leave your car doors unlocked.
  • Never leave your car keys or fobs in your car.
  • Never leave valuables or firearms inside your car.
  • Never leave your garage door opener in your car.

Auto theft is a nationwide problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than one million vehicles were stolen in the United States in 2022 costing vehicle owners more than $8 billion dollars. NHTSA also offers important safety tips for car owners.

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