Assistance in an Indiana Death Investigation
In April 2020 an NICB Agent was contacted by a Sheriff's Department in Indiana regarding assistance in a death investigation. The body of an adult male was found in a ditch;  a subsequent autopsy determined the manner of death to be homicide. Investigators provided additional details of their death investigation and requested assistance with two potential persons of interest.  NICB Agent conducted research on the persons of interest, any known associates, their vehicles, telephone numbers, and all known addresses.  Lastly, he assisted investigators in locating a specific forensic laboratory to conduct testing on key evidence critical to their investigation. In September, a County Sheriff's Department arrested two people who face murder charges after the investigation into the homicide. The two arrested were the victim’s wife, and her acquaintance. The acquaintance was reportedly a retired/former police officer.  Both face charges of alleged murder, conspiracy to commit murder, failure to report human remains, and false informing.