Alabama Forestry Commission Warns of Increased Wildfire Danger, February 27, 2024

Orange Beach, Ala. – (OBA) – The Alabama Forestry Commission has announced a Fire Alert for Baldwin, Choctaw, Clarke, Conecuh, Escambia, Mobile, Monroe, and Washington counties. This comes as gusty winds and low humidity increase the risk of wildfires.

According to Benji Elmore, the Southwest Regional Forester, winds could reach up to 30 mph. This makes fires challenging to control. Despite possible rain, the windy conditions remain a threat. Wildfires can destroy homes, forests, and endanger lives, including those of firefighters.

Over the past weekend, wildfires have grown in number and size. In just four days, 168 wildfires have burned around 6,365 acres in Alabama. This accounts for a third of the total burned area in the state since October 1. Notably, more than half of these fires occurred in the mentioned counties. The largest was a 1,210-acre fire in Baldwin County.

Other parts of Alabama also saw significant fires, including a 400-acre fire in Sumter County and several others over 100 acres in various counties. In the last 30 days, the state has experienced 327 wildfires, burning approximately 8,394 acres.

The Fire Alert will continue until the State Forester cancels it. During this time, only Certified Prescribed Burn Managers can receive burn permits in the affected counties. Anyone burning without a permit risks a Class B misdemeanor charge. The Forestry Commission advises caution and recommends staying updated on local weather conditions for those with permits in other areas.

The Alabama Forestry Commission aims to protect the state's forests and its people. To report a wildfire, individuals can call (800) 392-5679. More information on wildfires or other forestry issues is available through local AFC offices or the agency's website.

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